Kuwait Driving School

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Kuwait Driving School

Driving school Kuwait

Kuwait Driving School Driving is the second stage after learning traffic laws and signs, and driving cars is an unknown thing, especially for women, and driving, and women, driving cars especially, starting with driving, starting to drive, accidents, and it is better to learn to drive on cars easier to learn

Tips for choosing the driving school of your choice

Modern cars and modern technologies-

Professional, highly experienced and licensed driving instructors-

 The perfect and convenient time for you in driving education-

The best and cheapest price compared to other schools that provide the same services-

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- The payment method that suits you-


Services provided by the driving school in Kuwait

Learn about the car, its components, functions and how it works -

 Learn about the rules of the road and basic traffic rules -

Driving training on public roads and highways. Training to pass the traffic tests -

Driving devices in cars that must be known from the learner to drive

There are three pedals a trainee must know before starting to learn to drive; The pedal to the right is the accelerator pedal, the brake pedal centered, and the clutch pedal, these pedals are the foot controls for the car, while the steering wheel, handbrake and transmission are the car's handy controls

Car operation steps

At first, release the parking brake, then press the clutch pedal firmly and put the transmission in the first position, then start the car with the key, after the car is started with the key, depress the clutch pedal and the accelerator pedal, then remove the foot from the pedal The clutch is gradually depressed and hold Pressing the gas pedal, then the car begins to move, you should pay attention to the speed, especially for beginners

Get ready for Driving

-Seat: Driving a car requires complete rest because this affects how the car is driven properly, place your feet comfortably on the pedals and you can adjust the seat forward or backward as well as down or up

-The health of the foot on the pedals: It is of paramount importance in this field because it increases or decreases the speed in addition to the presence of the main safety factor, which is the brake, and the way to deal with the pedals must be very careful and it is better for you to get used to dealing with the pedals with the right foot only

Adjust the car mirrors: so that you can see through them clearly without distortion and put them in the appropriate way for driving -

- Hand brake: Before you start driving, be sure to disengage the parking brake so the car can move and you can drive -

Know the shift lever-

Recognize and understand the icons and controls on the control panel -

Thus, driving schools train and teach trainees everything in the car to make them able to drive the car -


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