Driving School in Kuwait Price

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Driving School in Kuwait Price

Driving School in Kuwait Price

All of the residents in Gulf Cooperation Council countries agree that it is not possible to live without a car due to the high temperatures that last for long periods of the year. The prices of learning driving in driving schools in Kuwait varies from one to another

Registration system for driving schools in Kuwait

A unified registration system has been developed for all driving schools under the supervision of the Traffic Department, through this system, the Traffic Department controls all driving schools in complete control. The system’s control includes the trainee who is applying for a license and has got a training card, his movement is monitored in order to calculate the training hours. The control also includes the trainer and the school to which he belongs

The new system is accurate, effective, and detects any violation by the coach or the school, and therefore there is no room for the previous chaos, if any, to occur now after the application of the unified registration system, which calculates the training time with an electronic system monitored by the Traffic Department, and driving schools have also been equipped with sensors and surveillance cameras, to improve their performance

Number of Driving Schools in Kuwait

Tue to the limited number of driving schools, and the limited capacity for new trainees in some of the existing driving schools, waiting lists have been created

There are small schools whose area does not exceed between 40 thousand and 50 thousand square meters and do not accommodate a large number of cars and instructors, yet these driving schools are constantly doing their best to accommodate all applicants for driving training

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The driving school is an investment project and its main objective is gaining profits, therefore it is too bad for a driving school to lose its customers by delaying their training

The Traffic Department examines the issuance of licenses so that they are given only to those who actually deserve them, because this issue is related to the safety of the driver and road users, so the driving schools concentrate all their focus to provide their trainers with a high degree of competence, quality and experience in training

When you want to learn driving, you should choose a place that provides you with all the capabilities and experiences you need in the education process


Al Mubarakiya Driving School in Kuwait

The best certified driving instructors of all nationalities *

Teaching driving in private cars and public cars *

Education on driving cars with normal gear and automatic gear *

More than 40 years of experience in driving education *

40 trainers and 40 modern cars with a team of female trainers to teach women of all nationalities, Arab and Indian trainers *

Education to pass traffic tests, education to park the car in professional and easy ways, education to deal in emergencies, accidents, light malfunctions and ways to solve them quickly



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